For Vendors

How do I sell on Bizzsy?

Selling on bizzsy is simple and easy, Start by signing up for a vendor account HERE it only takes a few seconds, then begin uploading your products in our easy vendor seller dashboard.

Who can sell on Bizzsy?

Anyone can sell on Bizzsy for free and we encourage small business of all kinds from all over to open a shop on bizzsy, Opening your own store a uploading your products to bizzsy only takes a few minutes.

What type of products can I sell on Bizzsy?

Bizzsy has businesses of all categories on our platform that includes, Health & Beauty, Clothing & Shoes, Perfume & Cologne, Art & Collectibles, Home & Decor, Crafts, Jewelry and more! But of course we have prohibited items and encourage you to read our terms and conditions about items not allowed on bizzsy.

How do I get paid from my customers?

Getting paid from your customers is a breeze on bizzsy, You can choose from getting paid using PayPal, Bank Transfer, Stripe and more.

Who do I contact if I need help with my store?

You can reach a bizzsy representative through live chat or by phone at 1800-511-6557. For faster direct help we recommend contacting us through live chat, We are here to help you with any help you may need from 10am-5pm M-F.

For Buyers

Who is Bizzsy?

Bizzsy is an online marketplace who caters to small online or offline businesses, We have vendors selling unique handmade, homemade products and everything in between.

How do I shop on Bizzsy?

You simply shop as you would on any site but instead are shopping from multiple vendors who have their own policies such as refund policies, shipping policies. You can shop one store at a time or multiple stores at a time.

I have a problem with my order, How do I resolve the problem?

If you have an issue with an order we recommend first contacting the store you purchased from, If you need further assistance a Bizzsy specialist are always available to help you through live chat or by phone.